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Candle Magick

Using colors in your rituals is a very basic yet surprisingly effective way of focusing your power to your magickal goal. Colors vibrate with certain energies, and we can tap into these energies for our own use. Following is a chart of basic color correspondances.

Pink~ This color is used for spells dealing with love and affection

Green~ Green is used for earthly magicks, like gaining prosperity and fertility

Red~ This color is associated with passion and vitality

Blue~ Blue is the color of healing, peace, and psychic powers

Yellow~ This one is for mental powers and intelect, as well as divination

Purple~ Purple is associated with boosting your own personal magickal powers and deep magick, spirituality, and meditation. Also used for deep and powerful healing spells by some

White~ Used for protection, blessings and general purposes

Brown~ Brown is used for spells dealing with animals

Black~ Not to be used for 'black', or evil, magick, black is actually used for banishing illnesses and negative energies, breaking curses, and exorcisms

Silver~ This color is associated with the Goddess and used in religious rituals

Gold~ Gold is associated with the God and is also used in religious rituals

Note: Never leave burning candles unattended, and be careful if you have pets in the room with you and lit candles

These colour correspondances can be used with a variety of materials and in many different spells. Candle magick is one of the simplest forms of magick, but these same techniques can be used with other materials much as cloth, ribbon, ink, or about anything else for a fast and effective spell.

First, empower the object you're using, be it a candle or whatever, with the goal you're trying to obtain. Concentrate on the goal, see the goal happening, and imagine your positive energy being let slowly but constantly out to help you with that goal as your candle burns. For example, let's say you need some money because your paycheque was a little late and the bills were a little early. You'll want to get a green candle, green for prosperity, and empower it with your goal of making money. If you wish, you can use a hot needle to carve something into it, maybe a rune (Wunjo, or perhaps Fehu) or even just a plain old sign. Once it's ready, say your spell over it. I encourage people to make up their own spells because it has a more personal meaning to them. Any little ryhme will do, it doesn't have to be anything fancy as long as you can connect with it. Now, light the candle and let the energy go out and help you achieve your desired goal. As the candle burns, I usually like to have some incense burning at the same time. for this example perhaps Bayberry would be appropriate.

If you're interested in something other than candles, colors can be incorporated into almost any spell. You can make jewelry of specific colors and wear it for the desired effects. Been really stressed out lately? Try wearing more blue, the color of peace. Colored papers, ribbons, ink, or anything can be used in any spell to help set it off. Have fun, and be creative!