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or Coronal Chakra (Sahasrăra), on top of the head.  Rules higher knowledge.

or Laryngeal chakra (Vishuddha), at front of the throat.  Rules communication

or Naval or Umbilical chakra (Manipúra), over solar plexus.  Rules vital energy.

chakra (Svădhishthăna), at the ovaries or testicles.  Rules sexual desire and passion.

chakras, considered less major, are on the palms toward the webs where thumbs & forefingers join.  Rule doing, manual skill or accomplishment.

or Splenic chakra, over the spleen.  Used by some authorities in place of the Sexual chakra.

or Brow or Frontal chakra (Ájnă), between the eyebrows.  Rules intution, psychic skills.

or Cardiac chakra (Anăhata), over the heart.  Rules love.

or Basic chakra (Múlădhăra), at the base of the spine.  Rules survival.

or chakras, as with hands, are less major; on the soles toward the middle of the arches.  Rule connection with the Earth, "groundness;" also independence

The colors attributed to chakras differ according to various authorities.  They have been purposefully left them out so you may look without preconceptions.

Chakra means "wheel" in Sanskrit, and chakras are the centers where energy can flow into the body. Their size, color and brilliance vary according to an individual's state of health and development. They appear as vortices on the energy body or "etheric double," the field of life-force which animates or vitalizes the dense physical body.  Beyond that glows the aura; by "reading" the aura, one may learn much about people.

An energy channel (called Sushumnă) runs up through the central chakras; intertwining through it, and the chakras, are "feminine" (idă) & "masculine" (Pingală) channels. Through these may flow the "Serpent Fire" or kundaliní force. Awakening and controlling this power is a goal of some spiritual raditions.