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The God

The God is too often neglected in worship, and this is a real shame, as to leave out the God is to leave out half of everything that IS.

The God to me, like the Goddess, has no name. A label puts a limit on Him. We all have different opinions, and we all walk our own path. This is just my view.

People have had many names for the God. Zeus, Hermes, Apollo. Osiris and Ra. Dionysus. Thor and Odin. But He is all of these. He is the God.

He is God of the fields, God of the forest. He is God of the Sun. He is the God of manhood and the Hunt. The God of the harvest, and the God of Death. He is the masculine half of divinity.

Some people see the God as a very scary being. This is from centuries of Christians saying that God will throw you straight to hell if you don't do what He says. This isn't true. The God loves us all, and isn't going to throw anybody anywhere.

Others see the God as a Hunter stalking his prey through the wilderness. Some see Him as a great Warrior, striking down his foes. Still others see Him as a wise old man, a kindly grandfather.

The God to Me is very different from the Yaweh of Christian and Jewish faiths. I see him as a young man. He appears to me as a warrior, but this does not mean He is a violent man. He is our protector. He wears a golden helmet and breastplate, and shines golden like the Sun. He rides in a golden chariot pulled by four great white steeds, keeping watch over us all. He holds a spear in one hand, and His other arm is cradling a small baby. He is the protector.