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The Goddess

The Goddess, to me, is nameless. Many feel the need the name Her, to give Her a personality. I myself prefer for Her to be 'The Goddess'. Mysterious. Magnificent. Worthy of being worshipped.

The Goddess is known by many names. Isis, Diana, Luna, Aphrodite. Anything you can think of. She is the Goddess of everything. She is the Mother. Goddess of the Sea, the Moon, the Stars. Goddess of love and peace, of childbirth and womanhood, the Goddess is All.

She is the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. She is the Moon, and the Sea, and the Earth. She is our Mother, and She loves us.

Some see Her as a young woman, clothed in transparent garments, standing in a wooded glade. Others see Her as the Mother, a beautiful women in her prime. Still others see her as an old, wise lady, looking upon death and smiling at the birth that is yet to come.

This is how I see the Goddess. She is all-knowing, all-seeing, and all-loving. Hers is the light of the moon, and the beauty of the stars. To me She also has another form, in which She appears to us, so as not to overwhelm us with her glory. She appears to us in dreams, prayers, worship, as a young beautiful woman. She shines with a pale silvery-blue light, like that of the moon and stars. She stands naked in a clearing in an evergreen forest, surrounded by animals and birds of all shapes and sizes. A stream trickles through the forest, reflecting Her light up onto the dark boughs of the trees. It is night, yet Her light shines through the forest like a beacon guiding to her those who need her. She is the Goddess of everything, and She loves us all.