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Healing Herbs

(Nepeta cataria) Lowers fever without suppressing healing. A sleep inducer, valuable in restlessness & nervousness. The tea as an enema relaxes the spasm of appendicitis; use also as a fomentation over abdomen.

(Matricaria chamomilla) Soothing sedative used in colic, night terrors, nervousness. Place externally as a poultice on inflammations, earaches, toothaches. Excellent for teething babies as a rinse for sore gums.

(Tussilago farfara) Cures coughs; heals colds, asthma, chronic bronchitis. A tea made from the flowers & leaves soothes the mucous membranes, either drunk or applied externally over lungs & throat.

(Plantago lancelate or majora) Superior blood detoxifier for poison ivy, snake bite, bee stings, mosquito bites: crush leaves, apply to bites. Severe cases: reapply often, drink plenty of the tea, and eat the fresh leaves.

(Zingiber officinale) This fiery herb relaxes as it stimulates. As tea, relaxes after over-eating; ends cramping (uterine or colon). In colds & fevers, induces perspiration. Tones the bowel muscles and aids the liver.

(Capsicum annum or African Bird's Eye Pepper) An important first aid herb, this fiery friend does not burn (damage) skin or internal tissues, though it feels hot. It normalizes blood pressure, thus helps stop bleeding (inside & out), heart attack, stroke, & shock. Keep some with you always. Sprinkle right on open cuts. In capsules, use for long-term healing of stomach ulcers, heart disease, or blood pressure problems.

(Symphytum officinale) Called "heal-all," promotes healing in every tissue. Both the root (stronger) and leaves used for burns, broken bones, loss of fingers or any tissue in major trauma. Use ointment for sunburn, other burns. Tea is nourishing, & a great calcium source. Fresh leaves, whipped in a blender with pineapple juice & mint sprigs, plant spreads, so contain it like mint.

(Allium sativum) High in sulphur, important to hair, skin, digestion, lungs, blood. It lowers blood fat & pressure. Antibiotic, good for lung & ear infections (steep in olive oil & drop into ear). Cut cloves by the bedside relieve stuffy noses. (Garlic oil will burn the skin: do not apply full strength or fresh cut directly on the skin).

(Lobelia inflata) Powerful anti-spasmodic, first aid for convulsions either physical (as epilepsy) or emotional (hysteria, tantrums). Heals nerve tissue, useful for nervous affications, often pain: muscle spasms, tension headache, menstrual cramps. Helps break addictions, guides action of other herbs. A real life-saver, does not deserve "bad press."