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Wiccan tools

 Although consecration techniques are not listed here, the basic tools are listed. The tools listed here are primary tools. Many paths of the craft choose types and numbers of tools although the ones listed here are the most commonly known.


This is the black-handle Witches' Knife also known as Seax or yag-dirk. It is always a double edged knife with a blade usually from five to six inches long. The athame is a witches primary tool for rituals and circle magic. It is the instrument we use to draw magical circles and other diagrams, in the midst of which many of our spells are cast.


The witches cup is a variant of the cauldron of Ceridwen. The cup is also known as the chalice. It is used to contain the salt water of exorcism or, alternatively, the wine of libation. This is the sacramental wine which is consumed in some ceremonies, and also used to consecrate things at times.


The cord is also know as the girdle, cingulum, or cable tow. The latter name derives from its use in various initiation rituals. The cord is basically used to measure the radius of our circles, for binding things - and even on occasion, for binding one's self!


It is quite simply used for burning incense during ritual, whether it be Mercurial, Saturnian, Sabbat, or standard incense.


To us the last of the five major tools, also knows as the workbook or spellbook. This is the book where all rituals, spells and magickal recipes are written before use. Traditionally binded and covered in either leather or other animal skin, but even a standard book of high quality drawing paper will suffice.


A minor tool, a white hilted knife, sometimes called a Bolline, is used for cutting herbs and any other use save magickal ritual in which the athame is implemented. Many paths differ on the need for the Burin. Gardnerian Wicca absolutely forbids the use of the athame for any purpose other than rituals. Seax-Wica on the other hand finds no need for it. It is a tool either abandoned or accepted by the various paths.


Used for various magick in rituals. Deemed necessary in some paths. The wand can be made from tree branches or copper piping. Decorate it with ribbions or stones....however you like.... some wiccans put crystals in the top of their wand or staff.


Used by some in magickal rituals employing the vibrations of sound. For centuries it has been thought to have certain magickal properties.